3D Printed Car Racing

Our students in Year 5 (9 years old) have been doing a unit of inquiry around energy, electricity, and circuits. As part of this I thought it might be nice to give them an opportunity to use some, and extend, some of their CAD and 3D printing skills to create electric cars for a drag race.

The brief was quite straight forward, students would start by designing their cars in TinkerCAD as a complete object. They would then break apart the design to turn it into a ‘kit’ that they could then print and assemble. Once assembled the students added a drone motor, rotor blade, switch and battery connector. This was the first time I’ve done soldering with students this age, all went great!


The decision to go with li-po batteries and drone motors was made after testing some of the standard school-type motors and AA batteries first. They were just too heavy for this kind of thing.


It was great fun for everyone and the students learned a lot about car design, axles, wheel movement, circuits and a ton of CAD and electronics skills. We will definitely do something similar again next year.

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