Stop motion animation on a Chromebook, this is new.

Stop-motion animation in primary school used to involve web cams mounted to little tripods and often a right pain of dealing with hundreds of photos. This has been replaced entirely by iPads. Wobbly stands and tapping screens too hard presented new problems but simplicity still won out over the old way.

Something new arrived this year though in our Year 3 one to one roll out of Edxis EDU Chromebooks. The great feature of these for making stop-motion animation is the fact they have a 360 degree rotating web cam built in. So this year saw the first animating done on Chromebooks, and it was kind of awesome.

We chose to use a Chrome Web app called Stop Motion Animator ( and it worked really well. It was a two minute job to push out the app to all the Year 3 Chromebooks through the Google Admin panel and when they arrived for the lesson it was ready to use in their dock.


This first lesson was just an introduction with the hope that the students will choose to make animations as a way to show their learning in another curriculum areas when back in their classrooms. What was really nice was the stable base for the camera that the Chromebook provided. We had no screen wobble or problems from tapping screens too hard between shots. Animations came out smooth. Another advantage of doing this on Chromebooks with younger students is that they could save their finished video files directly to Google Drive (and then only one step into Google Classroom). On the iPads getting in and out of Google Drive is a right pain on shared devices, here that was not an issue.

Below are some photos of students being animators with their Chromebooks. If you are in the Asia Pacific region then more info on the Edxis Chromebooks can be found here